Friday, February 15, 2013

Imitation = Flattery? Rupert Sanderson Lintie vs Levity Mitzi

Last year I fell in love with the Rupert Sanderson Lintie peep-toe.  I am still sad that I did not buy these adorable mary janes.

What was I thinking???

They even came in a shiny sky blue platform option.  I love the colors, scalloped edges and buckles so much.

So imagine how shocked I was when I was scrolling through DSW and saw these heels from a brand I'd never heard of - Levity.

It's always sad to me to see a less well executed version of a design.  And one that is so obviously stolen.

The charm of the originals has been cheapened.


Vyque said...

sigh, i wonder if there will ever be a way to stop fashion infringement like this.

Bronwyn said...

And yet you posted and were happy about it. Or are they OK because they all cost lots? Aren't you being a bit hypocritical about this copying thing? Either no one should be allowed to sell a shoe that's like someone else's, or everyone should.

Poochie said...

Good question.

I think there is a difference. In the clear/cap-toe example you bring up, I don't think the Louboutins were that unique, frankly. But there are on trend, as are the other two examples. If the other two options had used a double ankle strap, I might find them more objectionable. But since neither do and the shape of the ankle/back of heel area is different, I was looking to them all as a group with a continuing trend, of which there are many more examples - from these heels to the Bass/Rachel Antonoff Maebird oxfords.

With the Levitys vs the Sandersons, there is no doubt that these are knock-offs. They follow several seasons behind and attempt to use, albeit poorly, the exact same colors, platform, shape, etc. - scalloping, color, mesh panels, platforms, mid-arch strap with buckle.

But it's also just my POV. You may not agree that this is anything more than a trend and Levity is following it. However, I haven't seen other examples (not that there may not be some out there) that were in the ballpark much less as close a copy.