Thursday, June 13, 2013

Enjoying Leopard and Red

It finally hit some real summer heat here today and just now a huge thunderstorm has rolled through.

Because it was so warm (I had I just given myself a fresh pedicure with dark red polish), I slipped on a favorite pair of Jimmy Choo sandals from... oh.... 6 years ago? I paired this with dark red skirt and dark khaki top and jewelry in gold, opals and rubies.

I started thinking about how much I like this sometimes tricky combo.

Case in point - a winter version with a red sweater leopard skirt and red Rockstuds.

Then I was just browsing for pretty inspiration...

I have a vintage leopard coat.  I think I need some red pants to go with it.  I love the wellies combo too!

1 comment:

Delta said...

This is my favorite combo of all time--a leopard print and red.
Apparently, Diana Vreeland loved it too, Google her apt. sometime. It's chick and timeless.
In my little study I have leopard wallpaper with blackamoor sconces, creamy wainscoting, and a coral bamboo chandelier and coral coffee table. I'd wear it all too, if I could.