Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Perfect T-Strap

I currently have it in my head that I need a wardrobe of classic t-strap pumps.

What I didn't realize is how challenging it was going to be to find t-straps with all of my criterial.  Closed-toe, high-heeled, not chunky, thin straps, almond toe and un-embellished.

I want something classic and elegant and powerful.

It's proving to be elusive.

The closest I've found thus far are these Gucci pumps.  Luckily they have them in 5 colors - black, red, blue, olive green and beige. There is also a lovely tweed version.

They might be a bit pointier than I would like.  It's hard to say.

Oh yeah and they're $695.


I'll have to keep searching, I guess.


CALY said...

OMG I just totally fell in love...head over heels!!

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