Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tabitha Simmons x JCrew - Review

My Tabitha Simmons for JCrew mary janes finally arrived!

The fabrics are even more adorable in person and I love the graphic pop of the navy edging and sweet little button.

The construction feels pretty solid, although I'd like to compare them to one of the original silk pairs from Tabitha's line.

They started this collection at size 6 so they are a bit big on me but it probably helps because, as always with mid-shoe strap mary janes, the strap presses a bit on the top of my foot due to my high arch.  But overall they've been comfortable to wear and walk in.

I love the two floral prints.  They will be perfect to pair up to a solid dress or one with a bolder pattern.  I'm wearing them today with a navy cardigan and pencil skirt so the piping really pops.

The mary janes are my favorite style from the collection and it's so fun that they pulled in their other collaboration - Liberty - for the fabrics.   A sweet summer heel that makes me want to wear rose water perfume.


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Delta said...

Are they comfortable to walk around in?
How about 10 blocks in NYC?

Poochie said...

I would say yes. Not cross city blocks but north/south, sure. My only hesitation would be that this is a light fabric so I would be nervous of getting them dirty.