Friday, August 9, 2013

Checking in... with Camilla

What a week!

 I'm sorry I disappeared but I was on a work trip last week and then was whisked away to Asheville, one of my favorite destinations, for my birthday.    It was a lovely mini-break filled with relaxation and good food.

But of course when you return to reality, there is a ton to catch up on.  And I have been neglectful here.

I've been pulling old suits and dresses out of the back of my secondary closet because... well, they fit.  I'll have to do another post about that process but suffice it to say I'm a bit "smaller" now and still working towards my ultimate goal.

Today I'm wearing a long black pencil skirt and my pair of Camilla Skovgaard Chastity heels.

It's been a while since I've checked up on Ms. Skovgaard's work and I was a bit sad to see sandals like these:

But then I was heartened by these sexy and edgy sandals... so her design aesthetic.

These amazing boots with her signature sawtooth sole are also pretty fabulous. 

It's good to see that Skovgaard is still creating the shoes I would go for if I wanted to look amazing, strong and sexy.  She has a great style that just epitomizes "power shoe".

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Jeanie said...

I like your Skovgaard shoes best.