Thursday, September 17, 2009

Simply Fierce

I love color and wear everything from bright blue to lavender to bright pink all the time but I also have a great love for wearing all black. It just lets the graphic nature of certain pieces stand out in a way they just would not when mixed with more colorful options.

Yesterday, with my Aldo shoes and and black lace stockings was an all black day and I did it again today. It's funny how some of the best outfits just sort of happen on their own. All I was thinking about was wearing my new Camilla Skovgaard Chastity heels, that had just arrived, and something comfortable and warm because the weather here was rainy and nasty.

I pulled out a this black jersey dress from Target that I love so much I have 2 of and my Forever21 sequin hoodie. Black sequins!


For some reason, these pieces must have worked really well together because I was getting compliments left and right. Maybe it was the all black, the shiny sequins and the cut of the neckline all together.

Guess I'll be wearing that combo again.

Of course the totally fierce (Yeah, I said it. Probably one of the very rare times you'll hear me use the word) heels helped too.

These shoes are amazing. Unusual. Edgy. Comfortable and well made. Why have I not bought this brand before?!?

Picture overload, I know!

So I'm a total Camilla fan now and know whose shoes I will be targeting to add more of to my closet!

If you like these, I got them at Saks, but I've also see them at Shopbop too.


WendyB said...

Oooh, those are bad-ass yet sex-ay shoes.

Ashe Mischief said...

For me, these shoes are definitely a case of "you have to try them on." When I saw the pics from your NYFW post, i was like, "They're all right," but might not have paid them any attention. But on, they're SO much better. They're like va-va-voom! on.

The Mighty J said...

Those are awesome on - I am totally lemming them.

Tina Lane said...

I likey. The red toenails bring it all together. ;)

jennine said...

those shoes are gorgeous!