Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fashion Night Out and a Surprise Appearance

One of the things I was interested in attending during Fashion Week as the new joint effort launching called Fashion Night Out.

Obviously taking advantage of Fashion Week mayhem and with a sort-of-obvious goal to boost sales, FNO was an opportunity to pop from store to store and see celebrities (not that I would recognize anyone) and be a part of all of the promos and general fun at a ton of stores.

I went to Bergdorf's first where it was packed on every floor. I did hit the shoe salon but didn't get anything. Sadly, the shoes I wanted were too big even in a 35! What the heck?!? But I did get to see these cute DJ boys...

I then went an got some macarons and some cupcakes. Stopped by Sephora where they had live models in the windows and were doing airbrushed make-up demonstrations and popped in to Saks.

I had headed out a bit late so I really didn't expect to see any of the designers or celebrities in person. Frankly I just wanted the deals! But while I was walking around the shoe floor, I did notice this very tall pretty woman and the fabulous shoes she was wearing (of course).

As I wandered over to the table where I see the same heeled sandals I realize they are Camilla Skovgaard shoes and when I turn around she and her pr team are talking to me and introducing themselves!

The shoes she was wearing and that I WISHED they had in my size too...

Camilla and her team were just lovely in person. They asked for a card and we talked about the styles a bit. I tried on three pairs including these very cool booties.

But in the end I ended up with these sandals with the cool discs around the ankle. They were out of my size in the other pairs I wanted. : (

I did have a $50 Saks gift card to use but I would have paid full price for these babies. They are so cool! I love her work so I can't wait to get more of them. Sadly Saks doesn't have them shown online yet but I should get them delivered soon where there will be a million more pictures taken.

Thanks Camilla and team for being so nice! It was a pleasure meeting you.


WendyB said...

You're like Cinderella with your tiny feet!

Jennifer Nicole said...

Those are all *amazing.* I love the second ones the best, but all three pairs are too interesting to resist! I'm glad they had at least one pair you liked in your size.

Fatima said...

I love the Camilla Skovgaard shoes they're amazing. Just saw them at Fustany:

TheShoeGirl said...

Great buy!! :)