Monday, September 30, 2013

Antique Treasures

Over the weekend we went to my favorite antiques festival.  There are some amazing vendors and there are always a million things I want to bring home with me.

But while I'm identifying trends, I try to limit myself to just a few special items.

This season it was a vintage clutch with gold metallic threads and squares.  Very modern and glam.  I had been needing a gold but not all gold clutch and this was perfect.

The other item just jumped out at me.  It's a very dreamy 50s-60s babydoll nightgown with black mesh over a pink satin-y base and a long pink satin ribbon, edged in lace.

I've already been lounging around in my new nightgown.  I can't wait to take the clutch out for a night on the town.

1 comment:

Delta said...

Well done on both! The clutch is divine...just the thing to carry when stepping out for the night at the old El Morocco.