Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Ensemble du Jour - Labor Day Dressing

Yesterday we had a lovely day off and spent it trying a new restaurant and leisurley browsing at the nice mall in Charlotte, South Park Mall.

I decided to wear a dress I had not had an opportunity to wear yet - my JCrew sequin stripe dress.  I love the heavier knit and the marine shades of the multi-sized sequins scattered in an ombre pattern.

I paired this with my cobalt Celine Luggage tote - always a handy size to carry.

For shoe, I'd thought about wearing my marine sequin Louboutins but decided to be more neutral and tie in with the color of the creme fabric.  I ended up wearing my lacy Enzo Angiolini Eamaxino peep-toes.

Found a few cute tops for Fall, which I'm eagerly anticipating!

Hurry up cool weather!


Jeanie said...

Great outfit, but how did you ever shop in heels?

Delta said...

You look great, suga, slimmed down, long hair and everything.
What's your secret?

Poochie said...

Jeanie - Thanks! Actually these are not very high heels and we were not shopping for very long. Just sort of browsing - no major "missions"!

Delta - Thanks, sweetie! I have lost some weight but am still "in progress". My husband has as well. Mainly we've just been tracking our calorie intake using the LoseIt! app as a guideline. We've increased our exercise but mainly it's down to eating better, portion awareness and control and cutting out oil as much as possible!

Honey! said...

You look spectacular and I LOVE the outfit! The cobalt with the sequins is perfect and love the choice of shoes! Post more ootd's!