Thursday, September 12, 2013

Fall/Winter 2013 Themes - Fallen Leaves and Pumpkins

It's time for the turn of the seasons.  It's time for my favorite part of the year - Autumn.

As in the past, I have a theme for my wardrobe as we travel into the cooler months.  In the past I've had:

Clean Collage Prep and Chromatic French
Pastel Ice Cream Sundae and Vintage Garden Party
Chic School Girl and Deep Woods Floral
Cotton Candy Carnival and English Summer Picnic

This Fall it's - Fallen Leaves and Pumpkins.

For each I typically do a Pinterest board of inspiration and things to buy/purchased.  It's great to see how I can build on each season - taking some items out and adding some in.

Before I begin, I think about the textures, patterns and colors I want to focus on, as well as what items I have that would be perfect or what I need.

For example some theme items are: leopard print, red, black, brown, aubergine, orange, oxblood, taupe, emerald, stripes, metallics and thick lace.

I'm ready to get cozy in tall boots and slim jeans, Breton strips, and faire isle sweaters paired with whimsical skirts.

It's time for crunchy golden leaves!


Delta said...

You chose one of my favorite outfits from Boden. Love, love, love, everything from them!

Cindy said...

So, what do you call the little cylindrical handbag with the zipper round the top of the cylinder?

Poochie said...

Great question, Cindy. It looks like a specialty bag. Wouldn't it be perfect for a camera lens?