Thursday, March 13, 2014

Spring/Summer 2014 Themes - Pom-Poms and Loving Cups

I'm well into stocking myself up for my Spring/Summer 2014 "theme" which this season is "Pom-Poms & Loving Cups".

What's inspiring me are playfulness, soft gelato colors, picnics surrounded by dusky blue hydrangeas, old books and old silver, weeping willows, and watery colored gemstones.

My Pinterest board is already filled with white button downs, a classic trench and Manolos in soft shades perfect for a drowsy bumble-bee filled Spring and Summer.  I'm also loving tailored short suits, white jeans and and shiny shiny skirts.

After this horrid Winter, I want mild temperatures and scented blossoms and warm sunshine.

I need a good nap in the hammock too.

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