Sunday, October 16, 2011


I've had my eyes out for these for several months, and now the Miu Miu glitter sneakers are mine mine mine!

I actually went and got them when I was in New York last week.  I mainly worked but I allotted myself an hour to go to the store before my plane and make sure to get them.   As sparkly as they look in the picture, they are a thousand times more sparkly and crazy in person.  I may need to take  a video to really show how crazy they are.

Of course, I love the crazy!

And if you don't have the opportunity to grab a pair, make a pair!  I was about to do this if I couldn't get them. Honestly... WTF has the best DIYs around.

.... off to leave trails of gold glitter everywhere....


crystal said...

Hi Poochie - WOW, these are wild! The hardest part of wearing them may be to find the right outfit to go with it. I hope you have fun in them wherever you go.


Alex Adams said...

These are certainly some attention-getting shoes! I love the fact that they're kind of like that token pair of shoes.. something you could put on with a simple outfit to pull it all together and still be the most talked-about person there. Although, I think that may also be their downfall. They're SO "out there" and gaudy that finding something to wear them with might be tough. It'd be one thing if they were a neutral color, maybe a glittery beige might work. Aside from that, I'd also be worried about the functionality of the pair. Wouldn't it be a little difficult to prevent them from some kind of inevitable damage? After all, shoes are on your feet. You walk on your feet and you're hard on your feet. It's hard to buy something as fragile as these and be completely confident they'll remain in perfect condition.

Having said all that, I am a fan. They may be crazy, but in a good way. If you bought them like it says you did, good for you. That's a purchase that you wont soon be forgetting! They're a fun, trendy pair of shoes and I dare you to wear them out and not get any comments on them.

Lisa said...

Love these! Are the metal toe cap under the gemstones silver or gold?

Poochie said...


It is silver.