Saturday, October 1, 2011

Ensemble du Jour - Oktoberfest Edition


Tonight was the official grand opening of the pub we built.  This little pub is built in the old nanny's quarters off of the back of our garage building. My husband and our talented neighbors turned this shell of a room into a pretty sweet pub filled with copper bar top, hand-crafted wrought iron footrest, hex and subway tiling, a vintage wood stove, darts... and a stolen Bavarian flag!

My contribution was the name, (temporary) logo, homemade pretzels and being the bar girl wearing a dirndl straight from Germany for our Oktoberfest.

The hubby in his Trachtenhosen (left) and one of our great neighbors.

Here's the dirndl I wore and a detail shot of the bodice.

As I mentioned the other day, I did more crafts on my Crafty Crafterson day. Two other crafts were the necklace to wear with my dirndl...

And my matching purse.  The traditional Trachten outfit often adds a gingerbread inspired purse to wear with the outfit.  To save some money, since the outfit was a bit pricey, was to make my own! 

I hand stitched the purse using 3 pieces of brown felt and then added embellishments to give it that "iced" look.

I think it turned out pretty snazzy!  Since it took me several hours, I'm glad it did.  We're actually going to another Oktoberfest next weekend, so I'll get my use of it then.  I just hope my stitches hold!

Now, off to play another round of darts...


Midtown Girl said...

Omygosh u looks adorbs x 100! Super cute doll :)

Anonymous said...

I want to hang out at your new pub!!! I'll even bring snacks! :- >

leanne pizio said...

We had so much fun last night at the Cardinal Crest Pub! You looked fabulous! Y'all are awesome!

Anonymous said...

How fun!!

- Tessa