Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Perception vs Reality

A few weeks ago I was sighing over these Manolo Blahnik "Erratic" mary janes.  The color. The scalloping.  The mary jane-ness.  And of course the spiky heel.

I loved the stacked wood skinny heel.  Heel shape is kind of my "thing".

So I was kind of surprised when, after tracking them down with the help of my friends at Bergdorf Goodman, that they came with a covered, thicker heel... um, what?!?

I looked back at the product description and it said that it was a stacked heel too.  Strange.

So I considered not keeping them, but they are still pretty stunning shoes...

What do you think when a product doesn't arrive exactly as described.  Do you get annoyed and return it or judge it on it's own merits and evaluate with fresh eyes?


K said...

Hmmm....I get annoyed when I get something and it's not how I thought it was going to be. It's strange to me that they would show a wooden stacked heel but they you get a covered heel. But, when something like this happens, after a moment of annoyance I try to evaluate the item as a new one, and see how I feel about the change. For shoes...I almost always keep them haha
These really are still stunning, and though the heel is covered, this shoe is totally you.

WendyB said...

Hmmm...that would be annoying...but they're still pretty!

Anonymous said...

It sucks you got the bait & switch. They are still lovely shoes that you should hang onto... Will you let us know what you decided?