Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Seasonally Spectacular - Sally Hansen Salon Effects Holiday 2011

As much as I was excited for the Halloween Sally Hansen Salon Effects, I'm even MORE SO about the Holiday 2011 designs.

I went into Target over the weekend and, as I turned the corner, I found they had them out and I knew instantly that I would have to get them.  There is no waiting on these limited edition designs.  If you see them, get them for yourself!

I got four out of the five designs.

The reds - Plaid About You, Peppermint Twist and Snow Bunny - go with everything I'm wearing, from pleated skirts and velvet blazers to Fair Isle Sweaters and tights.

I loved the black and metallic silver Prep's Cool but held off on the Winter Fun-derland as I have so many glitter polishes I should use.

These colors and designs are perfect with my Fall-Winter 2011 Themes but would go great for anyone.  Who isn't wearing a bit of red or some snuggly tights during the season?

UPDATED: Images 1, 3 and 4 are via Nouveau Cheap and her reader Christina of "and all things girly".


Vyque said...

I must have winter funderland!!

Jammies said...

Did you even ask for permission before using Nouveau Cheap's pictures?

Poochie said...


I did not as I didn't have the source but they are sourced now.

Thank you!