Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Ensemble du Jour - 2-6-12

Yes, hot pink is going to be huge for Spring/Summer 2012 but so is tangerine, coral, and my new favorite saturated hue... Cobalt.

I was smitten with this color and over the weekend was excited to see the perfect sweater at Target for wearing over bright patterned dresses.

I wore it right away with a fun oversized snake print skirt and....

my Manolo Blahnik Mladari mary janes.  Isn't this color great?  And the heel height is just perfect.

I love that the strap is lower on the arch too.

These come in a great emerald green too.  This weather has been warm enough that it's making me think about Spring clothes way too much.  I bought a whole bunch of dresses, now I want to wear them!


Carolyn said...

I have this sweater! It's the greatest! I was about to leave Target without buying anything (which is a major accomplishment for me) and this little sucker ruined it. I love how you styled it too!

Anonymous said...

OooOo! I'm a big fan of mary janes, I would want to have both colors!! Cute outfit too!!


Anonymous said...

The blue shoe is luscious!