Thursday, February 9, 2012

Looking for Wu

Like everyone, I'm in search of items from the Jason Wu collection from Target.    While I like the items, the hassle of even trying to get, well... anything... pisses me off.  And I'm not going to buy from "scalpers" on eBay.  I just won't do it!
After trying, no lie, 4 Target stores in our area, I found two pieces I liked.  The first was the cute cat tee.  I really want to get the scarf and bag too with this, but that hope remains unrealized.

I did nab one of the iconic shift dresses.  I think I'm going to wear this during this or next week with black tights, my YSL Mohawk heels and a black velvet blazer but for summer I'm totally adding a yellow patent belt and yellow Manolo Blahnik pumps.

While I was at Target I spied three other cute, light-weight dresses.  These are going to be great when it's sweltering. Nice enough for work but casual enough for weekends.  Plus, I get to have fun playing with all the colors in the patterns and they were only $25 each.

I got the navy/red/white print...

Coral floral...

And I had to get the cobalt blue!

So fun!  Now... if you see that cat print bag, let me know!


HEATHER said...

I'm dying for one of the bags too! My closest Target is approximately 80 miles away, so I'm pretty much at the mercy of Ebay. I have several auctions I'm watching and going to try and get one at a not too horrible price. I really don't like his design but I love the black cat. Mischief reminds me of my Douglas cat and Poe cat both now deceased, so that's why I'm obsessing over the tote!

Faith J. said...

Great picks! My fave is the cat t-shirt, but I haven't had a moment to go to Target to look for it. Kudos to no eBay, I feel the same way.