Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Adore-able! Sally Hansen Nail Effects for Spring '12

Sally Hansen... you keep doing it so right!

Not only was Valentine's Day heart-filled and sweet, but you've totally hit the mark for Spring.  I mean, how much more perfect could these be for a "Pastel Ice Cream Sundae" spring theme??? I really need every single one of them... okay, maybe two of each!

Seriously!  How cute are these?  I got the ones below and am just missing Not A Peep! (a must have I will need to track down).  I may need to get another Pink-a-Dot too.  

I found mine at Ulta but usually CVS has them too.  Keep an eye out and grab them when you can!

Images via Nouveau Cheap (top 4), Mine


WendyB said...

I need the Peep one!

Anonymous said...

So cute! I'm really loving the green gingham & the peeps!!