Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Movie Style - Take This Waltz

I'm not often one for reviewing movies on here but I just watched Take This Waltz this weekend and the wardrobe really stood out to me.

*Don't read below if you don't like spoilers or movie images!*

Taking place in Canada in the summer and filled with characters in their late 20s, was interesting to me how the quirky clothes, activities and decor all meshed together to create strong layered backdrop for the complex emotions on the screen.

What kept running through my mind the most, however, was how much I felt that everything Margot (Michelle William's character) wore look like it was sourced from ModCloth. Heck, if they were smart, they'd be advertising all around/over this movie.

Not that this is a bad thing, but it does support the childlike, whimsical but not twee, impulsive nature of Margot and downplays the sexuality of the character.  And I'm not reviewing here but this movie is all about lust and desire.  It's much more sexual than sensual, in my opinion. 

A charged exchange... 

The clothes work perfectly to capture the essence of a sultry, young-but-not-young, impulsive summer filled with change.

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