Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Buying Basic Black

This may sound hard to believe but... I do not really have a single "basic black" pair of heels.

Understandably, you don't believe me.  But it's true!  Oh sure, I have a ton of black heels in various iterations  - peep-toe, sandals, slingbacks, platforms, t-straps, mary janes, flower heels, with giant roses, patent, cloth, etc. - but not a simple black pump.  No chunky sole. No embellishment. No corset lacing.

What I wanted were plain (not patent), pointy toe, black pumps.  Thin heel. Sexy. Simple.

But, as simple as you would think this would be, I was struggling.  The heels needed to be high but walkable, which in my size meant less than 4".  I wanted shoes I could walk around the city if I wanted to but still had some height.  I wanted a silhouette that was both sexy and professional.  A delicate heel profile that spoke to me like the inspiration images above.

But 400+ pages on ShopStyle and I was not thrilling to many.

My ideal was the Christian Louboutin Helmut.  I think these are one of the sexiest shoes around.  But I have a pair in blue and they run big and are not easily available so they were out.  The Zara knock-offs were not available either. 

I narrowed it down, after looking high and low, to two options.

The Louboutin Pigalle was option 1. But I know how this heel is cut and on me it tends to cut low at an uncomfortable spot on the sides of my feet, plus it's just an inch or so too high.  I'd never be able to wear these around. Although they are a darn pretty shoe.

The second option, and the one I ended up with, was the Blahnik BB heel.  The height is a bit shorter than my chartreuse pair.   And they are pretty close to perfect.  The topline isn't too low.  The vamp is the perfect height.  The heel isn't too high and is just thin enough.  Great profile and great from the front and back.

Considering I recently got black wedges with ankle straps, black and nude crystal sandal-y heels, black and nude Rockstud kitten heels, and black patent beribboned mary janes... these had better be perfection or I'm in big trouble!

Do you have a "perfect" black heel?


Becky said...

I have to wear boring black pumps to work every day. My favorite workhorse pair, though maybe not as sexy as those, is Ivanka Trump Pinkish.

I know, I know, that sounds crazy. But you can try some Ivanka shows through Zappos and just return them if you don't like them. I'm telling you, that girl is brilliant.

Anonymous said...

First and foremost I am thrilled to have landed upon your blog! I always love finding a fellow shoe blogger. Its funny you mention this first as this is my umpteenth encounter with the BB shoe today and second, as I was perusing my shoe closet earlier thinking to myself that I am lacking in the plain and simple black pump department. Anyway I do have a few go to standard black pairs but I'm beginning to feel that a new pair of Louboutins are in question. My most recent pride and joy is a pair of Stuart Weitzman "power" pumps in black with a hint of grey python. Still, not basic enough for the level we're talking about.
Looking forward to visiting again soon!

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