Friday, July 6, 2012

Parasols, Please

I have a serious love for parasols and umbrellas.

Growing up in Florida, I know to be stocked up with umbrellas for the rain and parasols to avoid the sun.  My pasty skin hates the sun and heat so I have quite a collection of both.

But there is always room for more!

I saw this image on Pinterest and was smitten.  A pink heart umbrella became a must have!

They come in tons of different colors to if you prefer a more traditional red or even white, black, purple and more...

In the process of looking around, I found the amazingly girly and lush designs from Lisbeth Dahl.  I couldn't resist this stripe-y number...

Or this pink pagoda with glitter dots.  Yep, I got all three!

I also am tempted by this frilly dotted number...

Maybe a bit more restrained but still lovely and also, Lisbeth Dahl...

One style I've always liked are the clear bubble umbrellas... Maybe that will be next.

And for pure excess, I really love this Guy de Jean parasol, although I can't decide between the mauve, creme or black.  They're all so good!

Protection, from sun or rain, is important but it can also be fun.

I love upgrading my "mundane" accessories, from wellies with ribbons to ruffly umbrellas.  It makes the day so much better!


Anonymous said...

OMG!! I want the clear bubble & the pink pagoda!!


tiffany said...

looove the prada shades !