Thursday, July 19, 2012

Pre-Fall Passionate - with JCrew

Earlier in the year, I was excited to read that Manolo Blahnik was pairing with JCrew to do the shoes for Fall 2012.  Two of my favorite brands!

While that pairing has fallen by the wayside, the shoes arriving now for Pre-Fall, are working to fulfill against the pretty heels shown at their Fall presentation.  There are a number of polished pumps and interestingly patterned t-straps. I'd love to add a whole slew of them to my shopping cart!

And I'm still hopeful that many of the shoes I most coveted will actually be made because they are accessorizing the wonderful ensembles available for pre-order in the Lookbook.

Not only do a want the shoes, but I have to admit, I'm in serious swoon for almost everything featured.  

These are my favorites:

I love the tweed from head-to-toe look here -

The spectator tasseled heel above is great but I also love the loafer!

I'm ready to dive right in but am biding my time.  What do they have in store for the full Fall collection?!?


Benesse More said...

I luv J Crew and this season's lineup.
Have to wonder, thin do you have to be to actually tuck a sweater into a pencil skirt?
I know, I know...that's just a suggested wear, but still, it irritates me a bit.

cheap prom dresses said...

Great collection! I love the yellow bow pumps!!