Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Adorables - Sophia Webster Coralie Sandal

I have no idea why I like these, but I do.

Maybe it's the colors or because of Sophia Webster's whimsical design but I just think they are so cute for Summer.

I probably won't get them but I sweetness is so appealing.  I didn't really wear jelly sandals in the 80s, not sure if I will now, but how cute are they???

Sophia Webster Coralie Jelly Sandal - $295 via Bergdorfs


Jeanie said...

Super cute!

Anonymous said...

Love. They remind me of all those jelly shoes so popular when I was in junior high. I had a ton, all colors.

Francisco said...

Last week I bought a pair of this shoe for my wife. After getting this, she really overwhelmed with joy. These shoes are very comfortable to wear. I am happy with its price. Really got an heavenly gift for my wife within my budget. Thanks.

Faith J. said...

Ah I love them... why does the heel have to be so high!