Thursday, January 15, 2009

Imitation = Flattery?

Last year I fell in love with these neon pink platform pumps from my favorite hit-or-miss designer, Stella McCartney. I ended up returning them because, even on me these were amazingly uncomfortable.

But I loved the color and had really loved their unusual reverse platform which was so distinctive.

So distinctive that Paris Hilton feels that it's the perfect element to rip-off and reinterpret in tacky faux-snakeskin vinyl.

Yes, this is one of the better shoes in her collection but I can't tell you if it will be more comfortable than the Stella because I will never try it on.

It's the principle of the thing! I have to have some standards.



The color and reverse platform are beautiful but what the point if they're uncomfortable! And I wouldn't even try the Paris Hilton reinterpretation!

Miss Q said...

I really like the reverse platform, it's unique. It almost seems they would be a bit more comfortable than regular platforms. Imitations = Flattery, I believe that's a true statement, but she could've opted for a better pattern. I've never really liked the snakeskin, it kinds of creeps me out!

Milly said...

i wouldn't buy any of her shoes!

Who What Wear said...

Those shoes are fabulous. Innovative and chic.

WendyB said...

Holy crap! Paris is stealing the ideas of the daughter of my almost-husband!

Jane said...

The color is so cute and the reverse platform is pizzazz but comfort is above all!