Thursday, January 29, 2009

Being Beautifully Green

As the desire to be more "green" becomes a mainstream idea in today's culture, I'm seeing more and more very fashionable options that are still eco-friendly and animal-friendly. My biggest challenge in the past, as I'm sure it is with most, is the availability of these products and, frankly, the lack of style many of them had.

Toms shoes in general are kind of odd to me, but I did think the wrap boots were funky and fun in a Princess Leia-kind of way. But apart from that, not so much.

I have found a few other designers and companies that are doing beautiful pieces that I would buy even if they didn't carry the "green" label. olsen Haus is one of my new favorites and, although pricey, the Natalie Portman line at Te Casan (sadly no more although I did see some pieces on Gilt Group the other day).

I was looking online for other options and came across this site - EcoStiletto. Of course the title caught my attention at once.

So who are they? Well according to the site:

EcoStiletto features green picks in Fashion, Beauty, Parenting and the Good Life and explains, in real-girl terms, how eco-friendly choices can help turn your carbon footprint from a ginormous Ugg into an oh-so-slender Manolo.

We're not about guilt, we're about information. We're not about forcing you to change, we're about giving you alternatives. Because everyone wants to make a difference, but no one wants to give up the little things that we love. Making a difference doesn't have to mean making a huge change in your lifestyle. Sometimes it just means considering the alternatives.

Perfect, right? And what's even better is "Nobody pays to play on EcoStiletto; if there's an ad on our site, you'll recognize it as such."

Integrity and providing a great service. I'm kind of in love with them already.

But then they said this:
Enter to Win Free Shoes.

Ummm, okay!

Each month they are giving away shoes worth $500 or more and this month is a pair of these amazing ankle boots from
Beyond Skin (another great shoe line that I've always liked for their style and their philosophy).

The site talks about celebrities, fashion, beauty and kids. Pretty much a great clearinghouse for fashion and eco-friendly. What I also love is that they have a list of Things That Suck, which is a list of things to watch out for from animal testing to product ingredients. And they tell you why it is bad, not just give you a big long list.

So if you are looking for a way to add style and, oh yeah, be a little lighter on the earth, this is great resource. I need to go back to it myself and see if I can find a new eye cream...


jinnan-tonnyx said...

Yes to Carrots has an eye cream - I recently discovered their products, they are all natural ingredients IIRC, and paraben free, plus they give money to community gardens. If you sign up for their Carrot Club, you can print out a BOGO coupon good for any of their products up to 16.99. I used it to get the day cream & night cream and I'm happy with it so far!

lisa said...

Ooh thanks for the recommendation.

J M C said...

You are one of the recipients of the "Your Blog is Fabulous" award - check my site!


Thanks for sharing these links. I already know Beyond Skin, in fact I'll see they're next collection at the Ready to Wear trade today, but I'm always glad to discover new brands.

Robo said...

Those boots are pretty sweet, and good to know of the EcoStiletto site. Every little bit helps.

Oh, I don't know if you got my message on Twitter, but definitely the silver over the fuschia for the mirrored Louboutins :) The fuschia doesn't have the same "wow" factor.

Anonymous said...

hey i just started reading your blog and i think its wonderful! i love shoes, but i am very cheap and dont buy many, especially heels. but you inspired me to buy a gorgeous pair of t-strap blue and brown heels.

btw, where did you get your chanel mary janes from fall/winter 08? i could never afford a pair but i am completely in love with them. of all the two-tone chanel shoes ive seen they are my favorite

keep up the fabulous work!

Shoe Gal said...

Thanks for sharing the links. BTW, many items on Eco Stiletto are really yummy!