Sunday, January 11, 2009

Ensemble du Jour

Finally! Some color!

It has been raining for days so when it finally stopped on Thursday, I was able to wear outfits I had been planning in my head but couldn't wear. I refuse to wear really nice things when it's raining. I'm too worried they'll get ruined.

OCD? Yes, maybe.

On Thursday I had a few meetings, so I got to wear my new JCrew jacket. I adore this blue color. Its so vibrant. I paired it with a dark red cami, a khaki pencil skirt and my Pedro Garcia distressed satin heels.

1-8-09 by Princess Poochie

I just realized that my outfit above is like a reverse of this one... apparently I like the color combo.

On Friday I really wanted to wear my new pink satin skirt but haven't decided what other color to pair it with (red? coral? another pink? black is too easy. any ideas?). So even though my head was full of pink I went to the next item on my mental "want to wear" checklist - my new baby blue fishnets.

I'd been thinking how to wear these and ended up layering the color tone rather than contrasting. I so slack about working the contrast. I like to tie things together. Maybe too much.

The top was a simple black v-neck and the skirt was one of the cute Old Navy polka-dot ones I got on sale a while back. I added tons of blue including my Lou Lou Loves You bow, Louboutin Helmuts and a ShoeMissy rosette (pinned down by my waist).

1-9-09 by Princess Poochie

I'm not doing great on my resolution of planning my outfits in advance. I really need to figure out a better system than writing ideas in a notebook. Since I have stuff tucked away in multiple rooms I tend to forget all my options and wear my favorite stuff over and over. I need solutions! In the morning I'm just too rushed to remember and integrate.

Maybe a image library of everything that can be done like a flip book...or a phone app that I shake and it comes up with an outfit.

How do you all remember and plan your outfits, especially if you are in a rush? I'm open to ideas so send them my way!


Ashe Mischief said...

I love when you wear your polka dot skirt, as it gives me ideas on how to wear mine! BWAH!

I'm horrible about planning outfits in advance-- seriously. I feel like my wardrobe is kind of small right now, though, especially in regards to what I wear to work, so that may be part of it...

Robo said...

With the pink skirt, I'd go with burgundy/maroon, brown, and/or cream. I have that same polka dot skirt, but I have yet to wear it!

And OMG do I have an idea to eventually solve your quandary of knowing what you've got, but it's sort of in stealth mode.

Princess Poochie said...

I want a computerized closet like Cher in Clueless but no luck yet!

Help a girl out!!!


Katie said...

what about pink and yellow? it can be such a fresh combo when the shades are right.

Fashion_Loving_Stylist said...

Can I roll around in your shoe cupboard? That outfit is beautiful. LOVE LOVE the jacket and I love Pedro Garcia shoes.

lisa said...

Hmm sometimes I'll check the weather forecast the night before and lay out all the things I want to wear the next day. I'm not much of a morning person, so when the morning does roll around all I have to do is pull everything on. :)

Princess Poochie said...

F_L_S - come on over, we'll play dress up!

So many great color options! Now I need to see what I have that can bring them to life!