Monday, January 26, 2009

Red Ribbons

Over a year ago I was bemoaning the fact that these lovely Manolo Blahniks did not come in my size. It was just so so so unfair! I mean, they were made for me, so why am I not wearing them?

I never forgot them.

And while these are not exactly the same, when I saw these Quinn pumps from Jimmy Choo, I thought, just maybe they might be close enought to pacify my unfulfilled desire for the Manolos.

Neutral animal print and red tie and heel accents.... yes please!

I just hope that everyone doesn't go and buy up all the sizes before I can save up for these! I'd hate to be disappointed again!


Crystal Shoesy said...

These Jimmy Choo pump are super classy! Once you wear these, you will be the focus of attention. I think they will look flattering with a stinky dress.

Swell Vintage - Frankie said...

Wow, these are gorgeous! I think I even prefer them! Good work, miss x

Beka said...

Girl, I hope you get these, because I look forward to seeing photos of you strutting your stuff in these. Sorry about the Manolos, though!

Milly said...

they are a beauty

Anonymous said...

AH! you snooze you lose gurl! I'm a size 36 and I'm gettin them! 0:x

Princess Poochie said...


> : (



WendyB said...

Very nice! And LOL @ Crystal's "stinky dress" :-)

Stinky or slinky, you'd look good!