Friday, August 14, 2009

Ensemble du Jour

Since I've been swamped lately and not feeling great on top of that, I haven't been online that much. So you get an outfit post to tide you over.

This is sort of a simple work outfit but I like the skirt and shoes.

The top is an Old Navy grey tee paired up, tonally, with a Mizrahi for Target skirt from a while back. I really liked when he did the big blooms on the skirts.

Hello flash!

This hair clip facinator was a little experiment from when I was feeling crafty the other day. I'll admit I was inspired by a piece from Pretty Good Things but her pieces are a gazillion times better than mine. I much prefer her hot pink version and must get it soon!

I really love the peachy-ness of these Guiseppe Zanottis. They're just so summery.

Nothing fancy, just another day at work.

But tassles!

Okay, back to work and trying to feel better!


kristophine said...

I love that skirt/shoe combination! Peachy prettiness. I hope you feel better soon.

lisa said...

I love the big tulip on your skirt.

Feel better soon!

leanne pizio said...

Sorry you aren't feeling well....but if it makes you feel any better you still look super cute!

Ms. B said...

Grey and peach is a lovely combination and looks great on you!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!


WendyB said...

Ooh -- I was JUST looking at a vintage tulip bloom dress recently:

Mary P. said...

first: I am sorry you aren't feeling 100% - I hope you feel better!

second: I love the peach shoes!

third: I am thrilled to do my part in inspiring others to get crafty!