Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Fashion Conscience

The other day I shared a Vogue report on how designers are calling for a moratorium on leathers from the rainforest. Well there are now even more ways the fashion world is looking to make a positive impact for animals and the environment, while helping us keep stylish.

Reported in Vouge:

Fashion-Conscience.com is a website which supplies shoes to shoppers who - like Stella McCartney and Natalie Portman - believe that vegan needn't mean lacking in style.

New York label olsen Haus was founded by former Calvin Klein and Nine West designer Elisabeth Olsen, an outspoken advocate for veganism. Her colourful, non-leather designs have found favour with the US fashion pack and retail from £170.

Neu Aura offers a range of styles crucial to every wardrobe but crucially without using any animal by-products. Wearable colourful mid-heel styles and classic brown and black riding boots are all 100 per cent vegan and are produced in a factory which adheres to eco standards in recycling. Prices start at £87.50.

Melissa's jelly shoe collaboration with Vivienne Westwood has made an impact on the fashion scene lately - not only for their use of recycled plastic and waste-free production, but for its fun and colourful approach. Prices start at £62.00.

All collections are available at
http://www.fashion-conscience.com/ along with other vegan clothing, shoes and accessories.

I've liked olsen Haus for a while now and have a pair of the Melissa's, so these do seem to be great options for anyone looking for great design and fun shoes. I'm also glad to have an additional option on top of EcoStiletto.

As I evolve in my clothing and accessory purchases (I need a new black purse for one!), I'm glad to see sustainable, fair trade and vegan options available that are pretty and interesting and more my style. I'm seriously considering those olsen Haus green velvet booties right there.

If you have any great designers that fall into these categories, please share them in the comments.


Ashe Mischief said...

I love seeing more shoe retailers moving in this route... with eco-friendly factories and vegan materials (that AREN'T hazardous). I was glad to read that so many fashion designers are against the cattle farming in the Amazon, because it's such a rare resource we have in the world...

Jess said...

I love the blue heeled shoe!

Meg said...


Are vegan leather alternatives better when you're paying more -- and if so, how much more?

I'm a leather shoe wearer. I seek them out. I'm very hesitant in fact to buy any shoes that aren't leather. But that's after years and years of cheap-ish pleather shoes that were uncomfortable, stunk of funk, and quickly started looking cheap if they didn't already.

Unfortunately, my shoe budget has been severely cut over the last couple years and it's hard to justify paying over $100 for a pair of shoes. Heck, over $30 and I start with the long list of justifications, though ironically most of my recent purchases were between $40 and $120, whereas before it was more like around $20 each after discounts. But I'm buying fewer. (Quality over quantity, quality over quantity -- that's what I keep telling myself.)

Princess Poochie said...


I've only mainly bought shoes with fabric as the main element so I can't give a full recco. I'll have to check out olsen Haus and let you know.

Dissolved Girl said...

This is fantastic that designers are being more eco friendly. Lately I have been looking at was that I can help the enviroment. Changing what type of shoes I buy, (being that it is a huge habit of mine) is a great way add on to the list of changes I am making.

Thank you for the great post. :)

Amy said...

That's brilliant to read about, I'm so glad that people are actually considering other options (even if some people still disagree about whether or not they are actually necessary). I wish people would do the same for cotton used in denim, then we could really start moving forwards!

YUKO said...

We have got some great vegan(and non-vegan) shoes on our site. Including Melissa! I actually just bought a few pairs of Melissa x Vivienne Westwood shoes myself :P

We specialize in buying and re-selling your shoes! Please check us out.



olya baileys said...

very like this shoes), they are beautiful)

ShoeLover said...

The best choice for leather and heels loves. Eco frienly? A good tendency. Thanks for the post)