Thursday, August 27, 2009

Feeling the Blues

I'm not sure what it is but I'm feeling a bit mopey lately. Unfulfilled and antsy. It could be as simple as being anxious for the shift in seasons. I generally don't like Summer and am looking forward to Fall from the first day the thermometer starts to creep over 75 degrees.

But I think it's more than that. There's something in the air. I've seen more snarkiness popping up. I've felt more blah. I'm not excited for any movies or clothes or events or even books. All the good, fun stuff seems far away. All the usual temporary fixes aren't working either.

I guess that's a good thing. I shouldn't need to look outside of myself to find the "fix", the inspiration, the peace. I should be looking within. Right? But I'm not even sure what's missing.

I've decided to take some small steps. I'm trying out a new yoga place tonight. I'm reading some of my new books and re-reading books that I love. I'm spending more time offline and less on. I'm even taking drastic measures - we hired a giant inflatable castle for the hubby's birthday this weekend. Maybe some whimsy and silliness will work its magic!

I'm hoping by the time a few crisp days creep in along with the ever-earlier darkness of nightfall, I'll have that sparkle back. The end of the year is flying towards us and there are some great things out there, just out of reach. I can't wait for a new season.

How are you feeling, my friends in the universe? Are you feeling shiny and happy or are you searching for a much needed boost too?




Ashe Mischief said...

Like you, I've been definitely seeking and searching for a much needed boost. To be honest, with Garren so far away (and so much harder to talk to now), it feels like all of my life is dissatisfying now.

It doesn't help that my little refuge/cubie on the internet feels really invaded by negativity, snarkiness, bad manners, etc.

Anonymous said...

I just came out of a similar month-long funk. No real explanation for it... just nothing was inspiring me and I didn't have the energy to start any of the projects I had been getting myself psyched up for. I was also taking out inexplicable frustrations out on loved ones. Not cool.

Sometimes I wonder if being hard on myself for being human does more damage than just embracing and making the most out of the ebb and flow of different moods. Some of the greatest art has been inspired and propelled by the blues.

Continue to find joy in the little things. That castle will be so much fun! Let loose!

This too shall pass.


tallulahfly said...

Same here, except it's been all summer. Kind of like the reverse of the winter blues (SAD)...Hope it gets better...


Michelle said...

I've been in a similar slump lately - except I'll have a day or two where I feel okay, and think I'm out of the slump, and then find myself back in it again. Ugh - I hope you feel better soon dear!

Emma Lilly said...

I try so many different things and meeting people through volunteering that were awesome. Sometimes the only thing to get me out of the slump is that.

Mary P. said...

I agree with mymilkglassheart that riding the ebb and flow is half of it (maybe all of it). DO what you are doing. Notice how you feel, stay positive through other people's negative, take small steps (or big ones - that castle sounds fun!) and holding on. I think doing new things is a good idea - - how did the yoga place go?

It is hard for me to stay happy through it all...but if I find myself getting down or blah I remind myself that the universe will give me what I need and everything works out in the end. Its not to gloss over my problems, but for me these ideas leave it open for reflection and give me a sense of relief that I don't have to figure it all out rightthisverymoment.

I've also found for myself that if I feel antsy sometimes rearranging the furniture in the house helps out!

I hope you feel revitalized soon!

Princess Poochie said...

Kristophine - I deleted your comment by accident, so here it is!

It's felt like Mercury in retrograde lately, honestly. I've been feeling anxious and choked. I'm hoping things ease up when fall starts and I go back to my (very last year of!) classes.

I take a lot of walks and start sewing projects. Sometimes it helps.

(P.S.: I really love the word verifications I get. Today, it's "zooble." That sounds so Dr. Seussian.)

Kristophine's profile can be found here -

Jennifer Nicole said...

The giant castle you're renting would put me in a good mood - at least for the time it was there - faster than lightning. I love all that fun kid stuff.

Personally, I'm feeling utterly stressed and frustrated. But like you said, we have to look inward and work toward resolutions, or that stress is just going to build on itself. You know?

WendyB said...

It might just be that you were sick for a long time. That has an emotional impact!

Anonymous said...

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