Thursday, November 12, 2009

Color Study - Orange

Ready for the next installment of the Color Study series?

Orange is pretty unrepresented in my closet. I cannot wear it in shirt form at all, although I really do like the color. And I only, obviously, have a few shoes that barely squeak in to the group.

Since there are only five (I don't think I've added any since I took these) it will be easy to break it down:

Top Row, left to right:

- Guiseppe Zanotti Cam Albiconna Nappa
- Hetty Rose Love Platforms
- JCrew Liz in Neon Orange

Bottom Row, left to right:

- Isaac Mizrahi Hannah Orange Flash
- Olivia Rose Tal Silvy II

The details are the best part:

I have a free weekend... maybe blues or greens next???


LateNight said...

Do greens, please! :)

K said...

I love the love platforms! They are so cute. Cant wait for the next installment!

Amy said...

love the JCrew oness!! so cute!
& I think green :) check my blog out! :)

Phyllis said...

agreed! it's all in the details. great shoes!!

jennine said...

orange is a highly underrated color, i tend to go crazy over it every now and then!