Thursday, November 12, 2009

Cookie Monster Cure-All

It's been raining for days here and I've been busy with work and other things to plan, so I feel like I've been lacking in inspiration. I'm also trying to avoid temptation until I go to Ireland.

But there is one thing that's actually made me smile and make me wish it came in my size... these kids tees by Morfs at Barneys.

I particularly love the pink Cookie Monster tee with giraffe-y sleeves. It's not like Cookie Monster was my favorite but this is so cute.

I love that it's done as an applique.

This should come in my size too!!!
Maybe some real cookies can pep me up since I don't get the shirt.


kristophine said...

You could always Etsy it (and donate to PBS to stave off guilt)...

WendyB said...

I want to get one for my nephew!

chaces mommy said...

Do you or someone you know make this??? my sons bday is cookie monster theme and it would be perfect

Poochie said...

Hi there, CM

These were from a few years ago so they are probably out of stock at this time.