Monday, November 23, 2009

Imitation = Flattery?

While I was on Twitter today I received an update from Lucky (@LuckyMagazine) talking about their online store and how the items were "curated by their editors". So I thought I would take a peek at what they had out there.

I opened the site and saw this and was immediately shocked. Why? See that sparkly bejeweled sandal...

Here's a closer look...

Yes, it is a total knock-off (rip-off!) by BCBG of the Miu Miu Capretto sandal from the Resort 2007/2008 line. I even wrote about them... and ordered them (but I ended up returning them. Sad face.)

I know these are a few seasons back and the price difference is significant but I'm surprised that a major fashion publication is knowingly promoting these shoes that are obvious and less well executed lifts from Miu Miu's designs. Is it possible that they didn't notice it? Or did Dillards (where these sandals are being sold) just buy space on the Lucky site and this over-rode the whole authenticity of the "curated" statement.
Which would be worse to you - lying, ignorance, theft? I'd love your thoughts.


Midtown Girl said...

I know. It happens all the time. Especially with F21 & Bebe & Zara. I just saw faux Loubie Nitoinimoi's on F21....whaat!

Not cool.


Intrinsically Florrie said...

Sadly ignorance seems quite unlikely.
It's not really that many seasons ago either- well I guess it is if your are always thinking about fashion moving forward but to me it's not.
That shoe was pretty much 'inspired' by the other one- the shape of the straps is unmistakeable- so it isn't the sort of thing to put so prominantly even if it gets away from straying into complete copy territory! It makes me uncomfortable. As a fashion student I am aware that designs can become quite similar and in this case they did not change the original inspiration enough to make their own design.

The Miu Miu shoes are beautiful by the way.
Hope that all makes sense, it's late and I'm sleepy! :)
Florrie x

Muttersome said...

This is my first time commenting, though I've been a fan for quite some time.

As far as I see it, there's no way to really stop copying in fashion where trends come and go so quickly. I don't really mind knock-offs (although I'm sure if I was a designer I might feel differently). To me, if you're going to buy a Miu Miu shoe, you buy it for the quality that you know you're getting: the best leather, hand stiching, crystals instead of plastic rhinestones, a stronger and better arch, a leather sole, etc. BCBG might be able to knockoff the look, but it can't imitate the quality.

I also think that knock-offs are important for people who can't afford to buy designer clothes (like me) but still love the idea of them. You posted a little while ago about Jane's line for UO; when I saw her two-tone wedges, I recognized them as similar to the Chloe ones, but liked them because even at 75% off I could never dream of affording the originals.

This is a very long comment, but as someone who really appreciates fashion, I generally like to use cheaper versions of designer clothes to create my own look. That being said, I aspire to own the real thing; if I ever become financially stable, I will. You have no idea how much I long for that first real pair of Christian Louboutins. Until then, I'm just going to have to be content w/ BCBG and Nine West imitations.

WendyB said...

No one knows shoes like you! I think it's hilarious that the colors of the stones on the middle strap are the same, just in different order. Designers are constantly inspired by/copying others, but it's nice to have the decency to tweak it a little bit more. And at least they waited a few seasons. That's better than doing it in season.

I have to respectfully disagree with Muttersome on "I also think that knock-offs are important for people who can't afford to buy designer clothes." No one has an inalienable right to wear designer looks. There were no fast fashion runway knockoffs back in the '80s and '90s when I couldn't afford designer clothes (excluding ABS). We wore other things! Put together our own non-designer outfits! It would be nice if the H&Ms and Forever21s came up with their own looks, but then how would they churn out product at such a fast clip? The inspiration well runs dry pretty fast.

FatToLean said...

I have Miu Miu "Capretto"