Monday, January 11, 2010

Ensemble du Jour

Well, due to the fact that it gets dark at 5 o'clock and it's also cold as heck out, I've found it very difficult to take outfit pictures.

Oh, yeah, and my regular p&s camera stinks.

I'm on the lookout for new equipment, but in the mean time, I forced the hubby to take a week's worth of pictures in the afternoon on Sunday. My neighbors must think I'm crazy because I did four outfit changes and stood in the driveway in the cold taking the shots.

On Monday the 4th, the first day back at work, I wore a cute cardigan and skirt by Pink Tartan that I got on major sale from Saks. The only thing is, they're too big. But luckily, I have new seamstress who is going to help me fix a bunch of clothes that I need to adjust, plus work with me to make some new custom ideas I have.


Yeah, the sweater is much too bug but it's cute and cozy and I can layer it open like a jacket.

The plaid skirt is a tulip shape which can be a bit tricky but I like it.

I paired the two with a black camisole, tights and patent mary janes, all from Target.

It was a cozy start to another year!


Ashe Mischief said...

Tulip skirts really can be so hard to wear! Yours looks really darling on though. You've got this adorable preppy thing going on.

Sher said...

I know, I hate it getting dark so soon. But your outfit really brightens up a dreary day. Just love that jacket!

WendyB said...

Love it -- thank goodness for good seamstresses!

Anonymous said...

There is something so sexy about Mary Janes ,specially Patent ones with a round toe.