Thursday, January 7, 2010

Leave me some Louise

I know the Louise Goldin for TopShop heels are not new news, but I've refrained from talking about them for fear of generating even more excitement and anticipation for when they come out in real life. But I'm trying to overcome my naturally selfish opportunities to talk about them.

And to have an excuse to look at the runway shots again...

Images of the "real" product have come out and while they don't look to be bristling with spikes as much as the runway pieces (sadly), they still look pretty awesome.

Frankly, I'd like them so crammed with spikes that I risk serious blood-loss wearing them but that's just me (Or is it? To be addressed later...).

But why talk about them now? Well, they come out soon soon soon, and I must have them. Yes, all of them. So if you see them in a 35, 35.5 or even a 36 (I'll stuff the toes), tell me! I've been looking at the site everyday for months.

Hurry up, TopShop!


Birdie! said...

I would shred EVERY pair of tights I owned if I wore those. That said, maybe shredded tights will become a hot look? :D

WendyB said...

Wow, those are seriously toned down.

Sher said...

On my feet they would be considered deadly weapons :)

Anonymous said...

My ankles would look like I took a meat grinder to them if I wore those!

enterrement de vie de jeune fille Paris said...

C'est chaussures ont beaucoup de personnalité.