Sunday, January 3, 2010

2010 - The Year of Focus

Last year I made a pretty substantial set of goals for myself. Because these are a list of goals and not resolutions, many of them will transfer over into this year, and some years to follow. And that's okay because they are about progress and moving forward, not just checking items off of a list.

But I do think this year is going to have a different feel. Maybe it is the closing end of a decade. I'm not sure. 2009 really was a year of change a year to accomplish and strive. I feel that 2010 is going to be all about focus. Focusing internally and externally. So many things were created - connections, experience, work, that now it seems like a time to reflect and refine and find the right directions in which to grow.

Personally I want it to be a year filled with more experiences. We traveled more this year and I want that to continue. I want to regroup and decide on which path I want to follow. I have some very personal goals that I need to work on. And I need to work on creating more of a balance in my life between self, work, online, town and home. Having so many outlets can often be draining which makes me rebel by not accomplishing the things I want to accomplish. So by pulling back in some areas I hope to be more efficient and impactful.

How are your goals or resolutions formed? Do you feel the need to take stock at the beginning of the year or is this an ongoing process. I'd love to learn more about your plans and how you integrate change into your life.


lisa said...

I use the beginning of the year as an excuse to motivate myself to kick into high gear and accomplish goals. I find that the more concrete I make my goals, the more likely I will be to accomplish them. For example, "get more exercise" is too vague to be remotely helpful, but "I'm going to vary and increase my physical activity by trying different types of yoga, settling on a class, and doing it once a week" seems much more feasible.

Thursday's Child said...

I always take stock of my life at the beginning of the year - I always like looking back at what I wanted to accomplish and seeing how I did. I also end up reevaluating things throughout the year, though - I like to see how I'm doing and what I need to finetune.