Sunday, January 3, 2010

Indulging in New York

I haven't really talked much about what we did or gave each other for Christmas. That's because my main present from the hubby was a surprise trip to New York for New Year's Eve and to visit with Miss WendyB.

We flew in on the 30th and stayed downtown at the Smyth Tribeca. It's a new hotel, just under a year old, and a bit "hipster". But the location was good and the service was great. The sheets were very soft. I could use with a bit more closet/dresser top space, all in all it was great.

Our trip was totally centered around food. The first night I had made a reservation at Pure Food and Wine. I've been dying to try the restaurant for the past few visits and have not been able to make it but I'm so glad we did this time!

We did the five course chef's tasting meal and it was spectacular. Everything was divine and we were amazed at some of the dishes. I will be making sure to go back on my next visit.

The next day, New Year's Eve, we woke up to snow. Our days were planned around going to my favorite museums and our main goal was to see the Tim Burton exhibit at MoMA because the hubby is a HUGE fan... well, so am I. I was going to get timed tickets in advance but they were all sold out for the 31st and the online system wasn't working. We took our chances by heading for the museum to see what was available but when we got there the line was down the block.

We did have a back-up plan, however. Instead of standing out in the snow for an hour, hoping to get in, we went into the store and bought a MoMA membership for $60 and a guest pass for $5. This gave us full access without having to do a timed ticket. The membership is good for a year, so I can go back in February, and it also gives you discounts at the stores too. The regular timed tickets are $20 each, so for just $25 more total we got right in.

The exhibit is great. Filled with iconic pieces from Tim's movies but also tons of tiny details that showcase his wit and talent and strong design sense. Truly a must-see for any fan.

After we left the museum we went uptown and popped into a few stores. Bergdorfs and Saks were both having big sales but I didn't see anything on the sales racks or in the stores I wanted so we then walked around, saw the Rockefeller Christmas tree, bought some macarons and had a delicious lunch.

Then we had to head all the way back to the hotel so we could grab a quick disco nap before getting ready to go out to meet up with the Wendy and Mr.B party at Balthzar. I wore a sequined Sonia Rykiel dress with white collar and cuffs paired up with black tights, Manolo Campari black patent mary janes and WendyB Swear rings.

The hubby looked smart in his new suit and "It's-a-real-bow-tie-I-tied-it-myself" Chinese Zodiac symbol bow-tie.

We partied until about 2am and then totally crashed until the next morning. I was hoping to go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art but it was closed! The info must have been buried somewhere on the site because we were not the only kind-off pissed-off and surprised people milling around outside the museum doors.

So, since that didn't pan out, we crossed the park and went to the Natural History museum... along with everyone else, I guess, because it was a madhouse. Sadly we got hungry while we were there and braved the food court. See this picture... It was nothing like this. It was total chaos. Best not to go into the whole ordeal.

But we did get to end the trip on a high note due to a delicious meal at Candle 79. Delicous and easy to see why they were voted as top vegan restaurant this past year in VegNews.

All in in all it was a quick trip but so fun because my Sweetie went with me to one of my favorite cities. Now I just need to drag him up there more often!


WendyB said...

You did more in NYC in a couple of days than I've done in months. I feel so lazy!

That picture of the Mister is fabulous.

Ashe Mischief said...

What an amazing giftie, and what a thoughtful hubbie! Mr. Poochie done good!