Saturday, January 9, 2010

Photo Advice Needed

I've been struggling with doing the posting I want to do lately because I've been more and more frustrated with my camera equipment. I have a great DSLR, but it's too big to carry around with me every day to shoot on the fly. I have a craptastic point and shoot that I hate. No remote so I can do pics on my own with the DSLR. And I want a macro lens too.

So I need your help and advice. What recommendations do you have for me???

Here is what I'm looking at right now.

For my point-and-shoot replacement, I was thinking about the Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS3. It gets good reviews on Amazon, has a large back screen and quite a few features. But I'd love to know what other cameras are out there that have worked well for folks and may be a bit less pricey.

I have a tripod, does this remote seem okay. I didn't realize they were so inexpensive. What have I been waiting for!?!?! Does this seem in line with the remotes you may use? Do they focus okay?

I've also been dying for a macro lens to take detail pictures of clothes, food and the pets. I found this neat little option that may be a good first step before a dedicated lens. The reviews and samples seem very positive and the price is low. For $30, I'll give it shot.

I am open to more ideas. If you have them, please send them my way.

- Poochie


Michelle said...

I wasn't really impressed with the Panasonic Lumix I had, but it was one of the lower end ones. My mom got me a Kodak EasyShare M381 for Christmas, and I really like it. Dunno if it would be up to par with what you're looking for, though!

Anonymous said...

I have the Leica D-Lux 4 which is wonderful, which carries the same Lumix lens as the Panasonic DMC-LX3 -- they are basically identical cameras, but the Leica just comes at a premium for the brand/aesthetics. If you are willing to consider other Panasonic models, I might look at that one.

Vanda said...

I have the same camera, as you know ;) The remote doesn't actually focus the camera, which sucks a bit but it's still useful sometimes. I have a few zoom and macro rings and they work ok, even if the focus area gets smaller -

Let me know when you find a point and shoot you like, I need one as well!

Birdie! said...

I've seen good shots with the Elph series (do they still make those??)... I need a little point and shoot too. *sigh*