Thursday, March 11, 2010

Caught Unawares

I was clearing out my inbox when I was stopped in my tracks by this ad from YOOX. Not because of the free shipping offer....

... I immediately honed in on those SHOES!!! I wasn't looking for them but I had to have them!

Viktor & Rolf black and white graphic peep-toe heels.

I think I snagged the last pair of the pumps but there is a cool sandal version left in a size 8 on there too.

While we're on the subject let's chat about YOOX. I love them to death but they overwhelm me. I don't have hours to sift through the site. I'm sure there are more treasures to be found but when you have 80+ pages of shoes that are available in my out-of-the-norm size you know there is a lot of product.

I don't use YOOX to look for something specific. I like to just browse and be surprised and delighted but I can't. They only show a maximum of 30 items on a page and it drives me crazy! Their iPhone app is even worse. You see 10 at a time and then when you click to see product details and go back, you are at the beginning again. Grrr!

Dear YOOX, I want to shop with you more but you are just not user-friendly. Please let me see a few hundred a page and I will spend more time on your site.

Thank you!


WendyB said...

Ack! I want those shoes too!

Faith J. said...

I love the brands and the prices on YOOX too. Unfortunately, I had a bad experience with a skirt. I purchased a Valentino skirt at Final Clearance -- which means no returns --. It was a size 4, my size. However, when I got it, it would only fit a girl with a size 0 waist - and even then, barely! I tried giving it to my tiny-waisted little sister and even she couldn't fit into it. How does this happen? YOOX will not post measurements of any of their clothing on its site. Even when I email them to ask how long an inseam is, they reply that they don't have that info available. Sorry but I will never be shopping there again. I hope your shoes fit great!

hiyaluv said...

Poochie! Be sure to post a pic of you in these awesome pumps! :)

Anonymous said...

Love those shoes, so eye catching!