Monday, March 8, 2010


Imaging this in white with a darker wood heel.

Now imagine me wearing them... because that's what I'm doing.

Fendi Spring Summer 2010 "Cinderella"

UPDATED: I think my writing was poor up above. I'm also imagining that I'm wearing them. I don't own them.... yet! (okay, we'll see if I get them. I hope so!)


StyleScrybe said...

We all know the happily ever after is more about the shoes than the prince. :-) j/k, but I'm in love with Fendi's Cinderella sandals, and am therefore living vicariously through you.

Yours Shoely,
StyleScrybe (

kristophine said...

Daaaaaaang. I live in envy.

Anonymous said...

omg I loveeeee these, so jealous!


Princess Poochie said...

Please let me clarify - I am imagining that I'm wearing them too. I don't own them yet.

Maybe I will, but we'll have to see!

ThatGirl39 said...

Oh Fendi shoes I ♥ you so! I posted about some a while back and then saw them on Net-A-Porter today for £928.00...eek!

Mardel said...

Oooh, Bergdorf's has a version of that shoe with the wood heel. They are fabulous!