Monday, March 15, 2010

Ensemble du Jour - Valentine's Day at Bergdorf's

I can't believe I'm still putting up pictures from New York which was, yes, last month. Slack!

This past Fashion Week happened to fall on Valentine's Day as well. Sadly, I was away from home but I did take the time out to partake in one of my favorite things... afternoon tea.

And just a quick education - Afternoon Tea is the tea where you have tiny sandwiches, scones and pastries while High Tea is served later and was/is more of the evening meal for the "common" folk. It is a common mistake but one that drives me crazy!

I knew that Bergdorf's had an Afternoon Tea service but had never been. When I found out they were doing a special service for Fashion Week, I had to go.

The view was lovely. I'll have to go back in Summer or Spring when all the trees are not so bare.

The service was lovely and the tea was very cute including sugar cookies in the shape of a shoe and pink pastries.

To tea I wore a dress from Anthropologie. It's black with an intricate black and yellow bodice and and a full yellow tulle underskirt.

I picked up a pair of bright yellow wrist-length gloves to match.

I paired the dress up with polka-dot stockings and my Aerosole silver buckle heels.

A girly outfit perfect for an indulgent girly afternoon at one of my favorite stores.


fabulous finds said...

one of my favorite things to do...although i have never had the pleasure of high tea at bergdorf's...there is still time!
love your outfit...especially the gloves...

Bronwyn said...

Where's the tea in your afternoon tea?

Calling it high tea drives me nuts too. It's an Americanism which is unfortunately also spreading to other countries. They even used it on Masterchef Australia.

High tea has bread and ham and cheese and all sorts of hearty stuff and you need a knife and fork to eat it. Afternoon tea has dainty cakes and wafer thin cucumber sandwiches and elegant porcelain cups of tea. Which is hot.

WendyB said...

How did we not take a "twins" picture of ourselves wearing yellow gloves? Darn!

kristophine said...

What a darling dress!

TheShoeGirl said...

<3 I have a crush on you.

Anonymous said...

polka dots are so pretty, just like you are !