Saturday, March 6, 2010

SD Review: Sorel Joan of Arctic boots

As you may know, I am originally a Florida girl. I can't say that I loved it there, which is why I've moved farther north, but it means that I did grow up in a certain environment. An environment that did not prepare me for snow or ice.

I've only been living in a state with actual seasons for a few years now but I have to admit that I am still poorly equipped for dealing with actual weather. This means I do have some warm coats but no waterproof puffy ones. And I've bought boots for cuteness rather than actual protection or, you know, the ability to walk without falling.

So when Sorel asked me if I was up for checking out some of their functional boots, I said, heck yes! Please save me from myself!

I picked the Joan of Arctic boots to try and these have a great tread, are snuggly warm and yet, still very Snow Bunny-worthy, because, yes, I base many of my fashion choices on cartoons and fairy tales.

I can't believe it's still March and there is snow on the ground. I was even in Charleston last week and it was cold and rainy. I wish I had been wearing these instead of the heels I had to wear for work.

Look! Treads!

These boots, which come in brown and black, have a fluffy faux-fur lining...

and lots of attention to detail like the two-toned back.

They've even thought of the pull up straps so you can easily slip them on.

Now that winter is finally winding down (I'm still freezing and may wear these boots too bed. What has been with this year?!?!?), I'm going to check out their cute line of wellies to help take me through the rainy Spring. They have kid's and men's lines too.
Thank you Sorel!
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Ashling said...

I'm all about the cute shoes too! I think that these look ultra practical but I like to combine practicality with cuteness. The fur is a bit all over the place and they are a little clumpy looking. I don't see myself wearing these for apres ski in the Alps! :-)

Anonymous said...

I hate them because they fall of your foot with every step, maybe i have the wrong size but i doubt it. They are very uncomfortable and heavy and not very warm but they are very waterproof and sturdy and have a good grip so in the end better than much others I've bought in that price range.

Rachel said...

I've been wanting a pair of Sorel shoes, I live in Utah, so I need a good snow boot! They look so comfy and cute!! I think you just sold me :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, i felt in love with this model last year (2010)but they where sold so quickly i couldn't get one or i thought too long.
This year they are sold everywhere on internet and i 've ordered finely one(living in Europe, it was realy difficult to find other than Caribou of Sorel here)!! In the same color - Hawk!
I can't wait them to come, hope they Will come and in good shape!
And hope snow Will come sooooooon!
Thank you for so many beautiful pictures!