Wednesday, March 17, 2010

More Sad News

After the sad news of Mr. McQueen it was and still is unknown how the company will be moving forward. For all of his fans it means many of his beautiful creations will be unrealized. That we will not be able to bring home a piece of his vision.

From the Spring/Summer 2010 collection I was enamored with the Titanic Ballerina pumps. I had still held out hope that this collection would be made. I felt it was one of the best lines so I reached out to the McQueen corporate group to find out.

Per their response:

Thank you for your interest in Alexander McQueen.

Unfortunately these shows will not be going into production.

Kind regards,

Alexander McQueen Online Assistance

I don't know if they will make a few for celebrities or not. While I understand why this would be, it is sad to know that his work will not be out there in the world.


Clare said...

Those shoes are stunning, so sad we'll never see any more..



WendyB said...

Alas. They certainly look very complicated and expensive to make.

TheShoeGirl said...

Totally unbelievable. It was his most impressive collection yet and I think people would love to have a piece from his final show.

Jess said...

aw that's unfortunate, the heel on those shoes are the absolute best. Really miss McQueen.