Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ensemble du Jour - 6-12-10

Saturday I was able to have a fun day out with my sweetie. He suggested that we go out to lunch and to our favorite antique store. I love when we go out to something other than doing errands because I use it as an excuse to wear some of my favorite things, like hats, that I just don't have the time to incorporate on my way to work.

It was very warm out but I knew we would be running in and out of the air conditioning. I wore a very bright floral dress (and probably my only yellow piece of clothing) with a light cropped cardigan. The dress is a few years back from Target's Isaac Mizrahi line.

I wanted a very summery mix and to play up the green too. So I used my Stephen Jones boater, a vintage wicker-y bag, my lace parasol from Venice and Jessica Simpson Pegeen heels.

Here is the dress without the cardigan. The waistline is a bit above my natural waistline so it has more of an empire feel to it.

The fabric on this is the best part. The bodice has the bigger pattern.

The skirt is pleated with a smaller pattern on top of the box pleats and a larger pattern in the folds. The dress is even lined so it's a pretty nice quality for a mass merchandiser.

Because it was so warm I kept the jewelry simple - a very delicate gold chain with pearls and a gold bead.

A hat close up with the green and navy ribbon.

I like the preppy colors of these shoes but they are not great for walking a lot, I'll admit. I ended up changing into my favorite Keds after we ate lunch and before we walked around.

I was happy to receive several compliments as we visited the shops. It's funny how, when you take the time to put on something just a bit nicer, like a dress, how sweetly people respond.


hiyaluv said...

I adore that dress! You look so glamorous!

Sara said...

Target by far has the best quality items for the price, I love their lined pencil skirts in their Merona Collection, as they're constantly putting out new colors/patterns and they're always about $27! Can't beat that!

I love the combo here, very nice! :)

WendyB said...

That hat is so jaunty!

Mish Dish said...

I really love how you tied all the green together. xo Mish

TheShoeGirl said...

I love mixing small and large floral patterns <3

queengilda said...

AHHHHH!!! i want a boater hat!!! this makes me want it more!!! i love how you have the same exact shade of green for every item haha.

Vyque said...

Omg, the hat, wicket bag and parasol together must look amazzzzing

Shoe Fanatic said...

You have great taste! Awesome Shoes