Saturday, June 12, 2010

Make Art

I have a quick peek at some enticing boxes the other day and I was finally able to take the good shots that I wanted so I could really showcase these shoes for you. If you have "Liked" the Shoe Daydreams page on Facebook or follow along on Twitter, then you may already have a good idea of what the reveal will be.

What I have are two very different styles - the Camilla Skovgaard London S10012 pump and the Marc by Marc Jacobs "Love" Mouse ballerina flat - but they both appeal strongly to me.

Camilla Skovgaard makes some damn sexy shoes. She has a very defined presence with her strong and sexy shoes. I recognized this with the Chastity sandals I bought from her line last year and this season has been even better. One thing I've found with her designs is that they look even more amazing on.

These pumps, I have to say, are gorgeous to look at but are perfection on. They have the perfect round toe, the heel shape is amazing, they are high but have a very cushy internal platform and are supported by the amazing saw-tooth rubber sole.


They also come in a wonderful porange-y coral and an elegant sandy taupe. I so so soooo wish they came in sky blue as well. How amazing would that be?
I needed a simple black pump but then knew I could just get a plain pump. The shape of these are classic but the sole gives them that extra edge.

The second pair, the Marc Jacobs mouse flats are just the opposite. White, bright, sweet and flat, these iconic shoes have been reborn in a ton of different ways from a fuzzy leopard print to trompe l'oeil to encrusted with rhinestones.

But I am head over (no) heels for the white patent version I now posess. I've been in love with these whimsical shoes for ages and kept them in the back of my mind, mostly because they came out so long ago and I didn't like the newer versions. But then I stumbled across these on Amazon in my size!

They may possibly be the last pair in white anywhere because I've been searching for them online and can't seem to find them anywhere (they are still available in red, blue and black on Amazon, however).

Yes, these could be deemed too sweet or too silly but I think they are s'wonderful.

I love the details: the rhinestone eyes, the delicate ears and nose and the stitched on curly tail.

I know I'm waxing lyrical about them but feel as though I've acquired a piece of art. Like the Koons Balloon Dog, I value these as a bookmark in the design evolution of the designer.

I have four other pairs of shoes by Marc Jacobs that are now many years old and they are each wonderful but very different from his aethetic today. And their details spoke to me just as certain paintings and architecture do. My shoes are functional items and I wear them but, in many ways, they are also part of a very curated collection.

And this brings me to something I want to say, and will elaborate on in a future post - to some of the shoes companies, designers, buyers and stores: Make art or go home.

From sexy heels to whimsical flats, don't waste our time with less than your best. I value your work but resources and time and money are scarce. We should only be seeing the best of the best from what you create (and stop going the easy route with the knock-offs, okay. There is a way to do good design at all price points).

Designers, even if you have to bow to the economics of the real world and the demands of the company owners, the buyers and the stores with most of your line, keep a glimmer of art there. Maybe a deal can be made and only one is made available. Maybe you can only make a few of them, but I know they will be wanted and treasured.

I know I may not be able to get all of them or afford them, but I'll be behind you 100% and rooting you on!

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hiyaluv said...

omg! i am so excited about your new shoes!!! I love them both so much! great buys Poochie! When you wear them you must do a video blog for me!