Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ensemble du Jour - 6-6-10

I don't have arty rooftops like all you cool NYC people. No, I have a corner of my work building that has a grill, two plastic chairs and a random pallet. Plus mosquitos so I have to run out, grab a snap and run back in before I get eaten alive.

But the dress is cute!

This is my other JCrew romper-ish dress. It's grey with pink and yellow flowers and I paired it with a JCrew cardigan and the Luella pink and purple heart heels.

The colors are all so cute together. I'm all bows and hearts and flowers.

This outfit is so comfy and perfect for Summer that I wore it to Saks over the weekend but paired it with the Jeffrey Campbell unicorn heels, since the purse I was using has gold hardware.

The two dresses are great for the summer, but it's been so hot I hate everything else. Summer is my least favorite season. But I can't wait for Fall!


WendyB said...

I don't have an arty rooftop either. Where the hell do those people LIVE?

jesuisblonde said...

I LOVE the Luella Shoes!! I have always wanted them <3

Anna at ShoeHunting said...

Oh those shoes are fab! Your whole outfit is perfect really.