Monday, June 28, 2010

Ensemble du Jour - 6-22-10

I had actually planned on wearing this top with the rose print skirt from yesterday but the colors didn't really work. So I saved it and went for a more streamlined yet still soft look with a charcoal cropped cardigan and a khaki pencil skirt.

I really like these three colors together. They are all dreamy and pair together to in a nice feminine way.

The rosette on the shirt is such a neat element and becomes the focal point.

What I really wanted to wear, though, were these pale pink heeled sandals. They're the same color as the top with organza butterflies on the heels. The grey cardigan picks up the grey stripe on the wings.

The heels are Colin Stuart from ages ago. The butterflies are still holding up, thank goodness!

I believe I got them from the Victoria's Secret catalog 8+ years ago. They were not expensive, as far as I can remember. The top was from Anthropologie and the skirt and cardigan were from Target.


Vyque said...

omg I need that top!

Shoe Fanatic said...

I like the top but definitely love the shoes!!! They remind me of Sex and the City

Sarah said...

I'm a big fan of the shoes, and yea they kind of remind me of Sex and the City also hah!