Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Enseble du Jour - 6-25-10

After pink three days in a row, I turned to neutrals on Friday.

The top is a v-neck cardigan in taupe paired with a feather printed skirt from, you guessed it, Anthropologie again. I used to shop at Anthropologie a lot obviously. Yikes.

I do love the pattern of this skirt. It's all different tones and tpes of feathers and had overlapping seams with raw edges.

But who am I kidding... it was all about the shoes.

I put up a quick post on Friday about them but here are some prettier shots.

You can open these up to full size.

They really are spikey and wonderful.

You can see why I felt that they were much more fabulous than I was that day.
The cardigan top is from Target, the skirt from Anthropologie and the shoes are Christian Louboutin Freddy oxfords.


Anonymous said...

Hi! I love these shoes! I was just curious how you pay for all these amazing shoes you have. You spend more on one pair then I have spent shopping my entire year! You're lucky!

Princess Poochie said...

Anon -
I wanted to give you more than a brief answer to this question. While everyone lives in different circumstances, and finances are private I do have somethings I can share.

I will admit I am sometimes a bit of a spendthrift. I'm not a great saver but my husband and I have worked out a balance of money to save and spend. That said, I would not look to me for financial advice.

But I do have some elements that allow for disposable income. First and foremost I am much older than many typical bloggers. I am 37 so I've been working for a good number of years. When I was younger, I never bought or knew of anything designer. Gap would have been a splurge. That's just how it was. I think many younger people want everything right now and frankly, you may just not be able to. I started buying my clothes etc. when I started working at 16. I would never have considered buying something designer at that age. I don't think I bought anything designer-y until I was about 30.

Next, I'm married, childfree by choice and we both have decent salaried jobs. I don't have to spend on babies, kids, or childcare and I don't have to save for college or weddings. We don't plan on having any kids ever so that gives us a HUGE amount of freedom. We do have a lot of pets we're keeping in feed though!

I also don't have any student loans or car loans. I had scholarships for all of my college and I've paid off my car which I still have. It runs great and I don't plan on getting a new one any time soon.

We live in North Carolina, so we are not in an expensive city. We are able to go out to eat and do fun things. Our house morgage isn't too crazy either. I also am in good health, as is my husband (go vegan!) so we have few health expenses either.

Lastly, I don't buy a lot of other expensive things. Everyone has the things that are really important to them and that they save/spend for. For some it's electronics or travel or clothes or jewelry. Mine is shoes. I don't buy a lot of electronics or spend money on drinks and going out. I don't spend on expensive clothes, cigarettes or concerts. We don't even pay for cable TV. I mostly spend money on food, the pets and shoes. I will buy some full price but I also get quite a few on ebay or on sale because I have a small size. That helps too.

Yes, I am lucky. You are 100% right there. I have a good job. I have insurance and I was able to go to college. I have a house and I can pay my bills and afford to buy shoes. I am trying to save more and spend less. I have cut back in buying shoes and in othe areas. I am also not perfect and know I should do more. The fact that I have the flexibility to do so is something I appreciate and am thankful for.

I hope that helps answer your question. If there is ever anything else you want to ask, please feel free!

: )

Thank you.

Princess Poochie said...
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Princess Poochie said...
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maru said...

do you know what kind of spikes these are?

Poochie said...

Maru - The shoes are Christian Louboutin. Hope that helps!

- Poochie