Saturday, August 7, 2010

Silence is Golden

Sorry about all the quietness around here. It was my birthday on Thursday and I took Thursday and Friday off of work. We don't do a big celebrations for birthday's or holidays but the hubby did decide we should drive over to Asheville to have lunch in our favorite restaurant.

It seems a bit crazy to drive over 2 hours just for lunch. We planned on staying longer but a big storm rolled in so we had to bail.

My favorite restaurant anywhere is now Laughing Seed Cafe. The restaurant is vegetarian/vegan but it is the best food anywhere. And the most inventive restaurant around. It get so bored with seeing the same five ingredients show up over and over no matter how good or inexpensive the place. Laughing Seed tries new things! It's really the best food and get rated #1 in the city all the time.

We had their amazing sushi of the day and then hempnut burgers with their delicious jalepeno fries.

Even though we were sort of stuffed, you can't pass up their desserts. I love their chocolate raspberry torte but today we tried the Maya chocolate cake. OMG, so good!

We don't do a lot of gifts, because we figure we get stuff all the time but I was surprised with aWendy Brandes Asterisk ring to add to my Swear Ring set. I can't believe those sneakys surprised me!

Now we're just doing a massive cleaning inside and out. I've been polishing silver and clearing out books and stuff for donations and an overhaul of my bathroom cabinet. Why do I have 20 mini-bottles of shampoo and conditioner? I feel like a hoarder!

Anyways, I'm going to get back to my laundry. Thank you all for the birthday wishes!!!


WendyB said...

Happy birthday! It was fun conspiring behind your back!

stacy said...

Happy belated birthday! Gosh, I've been kind of self-absorbed lately :-(

The ring looks great. And I have tons of mini shampoos too... what's up with that?

TheShoeGirl said...

Happy birthday! <3 I hope it was wonderful :)

lisa said...

Happy birthday! The asterisk ring is lovely.