Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Under Wraps - Pedro Garcia Emelyn Pump

I am so ready for Fall. It's my favorite time of year. I can't wait for tights and tweed and blazers. This year I'm influenced by dark woods and moody fairy tales. My colors will be charcoal, navy, black, creme, olive, white, and dark brown with bursts of red, bronze and burgundy.

These Pedro Garcia "Emelyn" pumps would be perfect. I love the dark colors and the black bows.

I love the raw edges but I really want to know how well these Swarovski crystals glitter under the netting. A muted glitter perfect for the dusky light of Fall.

I am really ready for Summer to be over.

Pedro Garcia Emelyn pumps - $495 at Nordstroms


Anonymous said...

they're so mysterious!

Ms. P and C said...

Wow! These are gorgeous...thanks for posting. I love all of the details - they're very Victorian/goth!

Anna at ShoeHunting said...

I like these, but like you I wonder if those crystals are sparkly at all under that mesh. Nonetheless, unique idea!